Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July 2013!

We had a great Independence Day celebration this year!  The past few years we have been at the beach, but this year we stayed home.  Our day started out with the Coulwood parade, which is a tradition from my childhood.  Elise and Grace enjoyed the parade, but Isaac didn't like the loud noises from the fire engines.  He also got hit by a Tootsie Roll, and that kinda put a damper on his morning.  He mostly clung to Steven and my Dad, and they gathered candy for him.  Elise got her own bucket full of sweet stuff!

We stood in my Aunt Donna's yard like we have for so many years.  Donna was there, along with my cousin Lee and her family, Lee's Granny, my Granny and Pawpaw, their friend Ms Jean, my parents, Kati, and our  next door neighbors Kristin, Chad and Jacob.  It was so much fun!

Afterwards we headed to our house for lunch with my parents and Kati.  Lee and Michael (and their son Carl) dropped by to see our bees.

Lunch was hot dogs, tater tots, watermelon and blackberry cobbler (made by my Dad!)

I was worn out from a night of Grace not sleeping well, so I took a nap after lunch.  When I woke up, I learned that my Dad, Mom, and Steven had also napped.  Thanks, Kati, for playing with the kids so we could all rest!!

The evening was simple - our extended family left and Steven, me and the kids played and talked together before baths and bedtime.  After the kids went to sleep, Steven and I watched a hallmark movie to end the night while many of our neighbors did fireworks.

It was a wonderful day to celebrate our freedom as Americans.  Here are some pictures of the day...

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