Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One more sleep till TWO!

Our sweet baby Grace turns two tomorrow! I caught a couple pictures of her sleeping just now on her last night to be one year old!

You're getting SO BIG little girl! And we love you to pieces!

Coloring is BIG around here!

Snow (Ice!) 2015

This week, we had a minor ice storm which brought quite a bit of ice. Isaac wanted to play in it because our road was perfect for sledding! Elise did not want to wear her snow pants so she stayed inside and Grace stayed inside as well. Isaac played with the neighborhood boys for about three hours sledding down the hill. He had such a great time! Here are some pictures of the fun he had…

Another Visit with Elsa!

At church, Elise's class has had a "Frozen" theme recently. This past weekend Elsa and Anna made a special appearance at church and Elise was elated! She had such a great time visiting with Elsa and felt so special to have her picture taken with her again.

Valentine's Day 2015!

This year, Valentine's Day started out with a fun family breakfast and cards for all! We had heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes with sprinkles, eggs, and strawberries. We had a leisurely morning and then went to the park so that Isaac and Steven could fly their plane (which, sadly, ended up flying into the woods and getting lost) and the girls played on the playset. However it was pretty chilly so the girls had a shorter time playing, and Elise enjoyed pretending to drive the van!  After some lunch and rest time, Steven and I went out on a date to see the movie Old Fashioned. We had a wonderful time and were thankful to be celebrating all the love that God has shown our family over these many years together. We are so blessed!

Valentine's Party 2015!

Last week on the day before Valentine's Day, we had our annual party with our friends Jennifer and Gabby. Jennifer prepared games, cookie decorating, and books for our valentine party and I provided the venue. :) The kids had a blast and here are some pictures to prove it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Elise lost her first tooth!

Elise's tooth has been loose for a while now. A couple of weeks ago we took Isaac and Elise to see Paddington at the movie theater while our friends Donnie and Hallel watched Grace for us. After the movie we went to their house to spend some time with them. Elise's tooth continued to become more loose as the night went on. Toward the end of the evening when it was time to go home, Steven and I tried to wiggle the tooth loose. Eventually beteeen Steven and Elise pulling, it came out! Elise was such a brave girl and so excited. She and her friend Lydia wrote the tooth fairy a note. The next evening Elise got two dollars for her tooth!

Around the house...

Homemade water system...


Yes, this happened to my closet...

Isaac took the initiative to change a burned out bulb!

Elise makes her first omelet!

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