Thursday, April 10, 2014

13 months!

Grace is 13 months old now and as cute as ever! She is such a joy in our home!  

She still crawls everywhere, but she is starting to do a little monkey crawl where she puts one foot down like she's walking and the other knee is bent like she is crawling. She is very close to walking!  She definitely cruises the furniture quite often, as well.

She also has a few words in her vocabulary including my mama, dada, book, Oreo (our cat), Nana, Ba.  

Grace has become a great sleeper, taking two naps each day and sleeping through the night.  She did not sleep through the night until about a month ago.  Sometimes she still wakes at 5 or 6 AM for a nursing, but she goes right back to sleep.

Isaac and Elise love Grace so much! Each day they include her in some of their activities.  They also frequently "babysit" Grace for me. This includes them watching her for about five minutes in the playroom and "keeping her safe". It is so sweet!

We are so blessed to have Grace in our family!


Tents and Trash day!

Family Night!

A few weeks ago, our church had its monthly family night. We had a great time as a family and we also enjoyed spending time with our friends Jeff, Jennifer, and Gabby.  The family night includes lots of high-energy music and drama for the kids. The parents enjoy it as well!  Afterwards there are lots of activities for families to participate in. Here are some pictures of our big kids cutting out "forgiving hearts". The theme of this family night was forgiveness. 

Homemade tent!

One of our kids' favorite things to do is to make homemade tents with pillows and blankets. This week we had to replace our heating and air-conditioning system and the gentleman who did it gave our kids some cardboard that they had left over. Our kids use that to make a very fancy homemade tent.  Typically, Isaac is the one who designs the tents, and Elise is the one who determines what is going to be inside the tent (books, food, etc.) The day that these pictures were taken, Grace joined in on the fun!

Grace loves books!

Our sweet little girl loves to hold and look at books! In fact this past week she has started to say the word "book".  She pronounces it "ba-book!"  Anytime we hand her a book, she smiles and flips through it.  The wonder and amazement in her eyes is breathtaking.  Here she is, reading one of my favorite childhood books from my Granny and Pawpaw Gurley....

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fun quotes and memories...

December 2013:

Isaac said, "Mom I am looking at the sun." I then said, "Isaac don't look at the sun."  Elise explained, " Isaac don't look at the sun! It will give you a sunburn!"

January 2014:

Isaac: I'm gonna be a dad before Grace is a mom.
Me: oh really?
Isaac: yes I know it
Me:  well you have to find a good wife first.  A woman who loves Jesus.
Isaac:  (while playing) God already has one for me.

While reading Big Red Barn (by Margaret Wise Brown) to the kids, Elise saw a picture of a cow and asked about its udders. I explained their purpose - that they provide milk for calves and humans, too. I said, "Grace drinks milk from Mommy and baby cows drink milk from Mommy cows." Isaac then responded, "Except that Jesus makes your milk, Mom."
February 2014:
While listening to "Lord, I Need You" (by Matt Maher) with Elise, she said, "Mommy, it's sad to be alone, but God is always with us. If there's anybody that doesn't have a mommy or daddy, God will be their Daddy!"
March 2014:
While we were dancing around to some worship music, Elise said, "God is in my heart!" ... followed by, "He's where my food is!"
I asked Elise if she wanted to sit on the chaise on our deck. (The chaise is designed for outdoor use and has wheels so it can be moved easily.) She asked, "Why do they call it a chaise?" I said I wasn't sure... Isaac then piped up and said, "I know why. Because it has wheels. And you can use it to chase people."
Isaac and Elise were playing together upstairs, and I overheard Isaac say, "OK, everyone let's stand together and worship." Then I hear the preprogrammed keyboard playing the intro to "I can show you the world" from the Aladdin sound track. And then "Fur Elise". I love the creativity in his worship set.

Elise: Mommy, you HAVE to catch me when I go down the slide at the pool. Because if I go into the water, I will... (what's the word?) ... oh yeah, I will DRAIN!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2013 Family Photo Shoot

All photos here were taken by our longtime friend Lori Jackson with Unfolding Photography.  Thanks so much Lori!

Isaac's Birthday Celebrations!

Last week, Isaac turned six years old.  He has grown into such a sweet boy!  We had a great week of celebration, starting with receiving a gift in the mail on Tuesday from Aunt Kati and Uncle Ray.  They got him a Lego kit that can be used to build an airplane, a car, and a helicopter.  He loved it!  He loved getting a package in the mail and he really loved what was in the package.  It meant so much that his aunt and uncle far away in Indiana were so sweet to send him such a special birthday gift.  He immediately started working on it himself and put the plane together.  I was amazed at how he followed the directions so carefully!

On Wednesday night, Aunt Michelle and cousins BJ and Carly came over for dinner and a double birthday celebration for Isaac and Carly (Carly's birthday is November 19th and Isaac's is the 21st!)  We had vegetable soup and bread, followed by Carly's birthday cake choice - homemade Dirt Pie (something Michelle and Steven grew up eating.  It was one of their Mom's specialties!)  They got Isaac two games - Skip Bo Junior and Twister - for his birthday.  We gave Carly a necklace with a tiny notepad on it (she's 9 now.  It was a cool 9-year-old kind of a necklace.)  BJ, Isaac and I enjoyed playing Twister while Michelle, Carly, Elise and Steven sang and played music upstairs.  We had a great time together!

On Isaac's actual birthday, Thursday the 21st, we had so much fun!  It started out with Isaac making eggs for all of us.  He loves to scramble eggs, which he's worked hard to perfect.  (He is currently growing his skills at making omelets.)  Then Isaac opened some cards he'd received in the mail from my parents and grandparents.  He enjoyed making a paper airplane that was in my parents' card. 

After that, we made cupcakes together to take to lunch.  My mom came over and we headed out to Steven's work to pick him up for lunch.  Isaac chose to go to Five Guys, just like Elise had done for her birthday. 


After lunch my mom went with us to Discovery Place Kids.  We had a great time there!  The kids enjoyed playing in the restaurant, the store, and upstairs with the cars and ball races. 

After a dinner of pancakes (Isaac's choice!), he lit his own candles and we didn't sing to him, per his request.  He blew his candles out and enjoyed more cake.

Our gift to Isaac was this wooden barn, which he had to build himself.

On Friday, my dad came over to give Isaac his gift, which was a very cool remote control helicopter in a ball frame (which keeps it safe from hitting things and falling apart.)  Isaac loved it!  He has been asking for a remote control helicopter all year, so this was very special for him.

On Saturday, we had Isaac's "friends party".  He wanted to invite his three closest friends to his party - Gabby, Jacob and Joseph.  We took them to Monkey Joe's to play for a while, and then we went to Moe's for lunch and cake.  Isaac wanted a football cake, just like his Daddy had for his 30th birthday.  "Except mine has cupcakes, right Mom?!" 

Isaac had a blast playing with his buddies!  And he specifically asked us to not sing to him or clap.  So, again, we lit the candles and he blew them out.  Then he opened his presents.  And we gave out goody bags.  This was our first friends party, and it went great! 

 Isaac's buddies - Joseph (Isaac's good buddy from preschool, and also now in our homeschool support group), Joseph's sister Aryn, Gabby, Isaac, Grace and me, Elise, and Jacob (our next door neighbor - he and Isaac have become fast friends).

What a great week of celebrating a great little guy!  We love you so much Isaac Ryan!
All photos, text, and videos are copyrighted by the author.